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From the Sidelines on Being a Tech Comm Newbie and Respect

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imageFrom the Sidelines on Being a Tech Comm Newbie and Respect

It was a long time ago, I'll be the first to admit, but I was a newbie once, too. A fresh-faced innocent to technical writing, wide-eyed and fairly glowing with charming naivete. Well, I like to think that now, only because it makes it so much easier, but I suppose that wasn't really true for me any more than it is for anyone. As a matter of fact, by the time I got my first tech writing job, I was already jaded and vaguely misanthropic ...

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  • ChuckChuck Posts: 1
    via Wordpress
    This is a great piece! "Wicked sense of humor" is an understatement; shall we talk about Lisa's incredible ability with words?

    Thanks for spicing up my day!!
  • GeorgeFlarianGeorgeFlarian United StatesPosts: 16
    Very well written  and explained , keep it up
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