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Tech Comm Poll: Is Compelling Content or Robust Structure More Important?

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imageTech Comm Poll: Is Compelling Content or Robust Structure More Important?

Technical communicators are, and probably always have been, a passionate bunch willing to debate the merits of their favorite points of view with anyone who has access to a keyboard and a connection. And at least as far back as the turn of the century, one of those classic debates has turned on content versus structure. Back then it was "Structure vs. Substance." It's also been technical versus writer. You could even argue that it's about logic versus intuition. Today, we ask the question as our weekly tech comm poll: is compelling content or robust structure more important?

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  • Ben WoelkBen Woelk Posts: 1
    via Wordpress
    There's not a lot of point putting lipstick on a pig. Having said that, I believe strongly in good process. If the content (or the product/service) is bad, no amount of dressing it up will make it effective. However, good content + bad process doesn't work either.
  • ConnieConnie United StatesPosts: 28 admin
    via Wordpress
    Agreed. If you go back to the orginal thread in 2000, it's pretty clear I came down on the side of content first. Structure and process are critical (and have become more so as we publish across an ever wider array of channels and devices), but I never want to sacrifice content quality to artificially support a structure--which was my big argument then, and subsequently with any methodology that becomes an obsession in the organization.
  • mbakeranalectambakeranalecta CanadaPosts: 53
    via Wordpress
    Compelling content is more important, but it really a false choice. Structure is how you I create compelling content consistently.
  • GeorgeFlarianGeorgeFlarian United StatesPosts: 16
    edited June 2014
    Yes the content has to be compelling to attract maximum readers, and according to recent google updates Google always prefers those sites which does possess attractive content. 
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