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Being Bilingual Helps: ESL, Localization and Technical Communication

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imageBeing Bilingual Helps: ESL, Localization and Technical Communication

"'Following your privies e-mail,' is 'privies' the correct word?" Questions like these are pretty common in ESL (English as a Second Language) environments, where you are one of the few, and possibly the only native English speaker in a team, department, or even the entire company. Working in an environment where everyone else is communicating in a strange language (i.e. not English) poses several challenges, especially during this age of globalization.

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    And while you're at it... Recognize that your skills as a polyglot are valuable. Position yourself not only to take the advice as described in Yehoshua's article, but ask for a raise every now and then. Be sure to tout your language skills and cultural expertise. If your praise falls on deaf ears, then find another employer who will appreciate you!

    I have worked overseas (in China) as a technical writer because I know how to speak, read , and write Chinese. It brought me years of rich experience, and let me travel the world on the company dime.

    Read more in my article about how knowing a foreign language can put you ahead of the rest:


    - John
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