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Ex-employee Discloses Tool Used in FrameMaker Documentation

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imageEx-employee Discloses Tool Used in FrameMaker Documentation

TechWhirl has uncovered evidence that Adobe’s documentation team is allegedly in the throes of an uprising-of-sorts due to the sensational claims made recently by an ex-employee. The very disgruntled ex-employee, who said everyone in the team called him Sloppy Joe, told TechWhirl that “all product documentation for Adobe FrameMaker is done using Word!” Sloppy Joe disclosed that Adobe had provided him and his fellow technical writers considerable freedom to choose the right tools for their job

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  • Parth MukherjeeParth Mukherjee Posts: 1
    via Wordpress
    Gosh! Can't believe Sloppy rattled on us.
  • Maxwell HoffmannMaxwell Hoffmann Posts: 2
    via Wordpress
    Ironically (and this is no April Fool's Joke) a few years ago it was confirmed that a certain very famous Word Processor *did* have much of its documentation authored in FrameMaker. The company shall remain nameless. ;-)
  • Al MartineAl Martine United StatesPosts: 12
    via Wordpress
    Maxwell - we'll let you be the last Word on this subject ;)
  • Colum McAndrewColum McAndrew United KingdomPosts: 3
    via Wordpress
    LOL! Are you sure this ex-employee's name wasn't Joe King?
    I'll get my coat!
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