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Content Strategists: A Call to Action

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imageContent Strategists: A Call to Action

When I attended the recent Virtual Conference by the STC, I was left thinking, “Geez, we Content Strategists keep talking to technical communicators and budding content strategists about making sure we deliver the right content to the right people on the device of their choice (and that’s great)—but are we talking to the right people?”

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  • gerry cavandergerry cavander Posts: 1
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    A good call I think. And all the same applies to the system diagrams, screen shots, user guide videos and other pictures and photos used within documentation – both presale and post-sale. Getting these together can be a time-consuming hassle if they are distributed all around your organisation or you need to get busy web developers involved to find a suitable image, make available on a URL, in the right size etc. The number of files is becoming too great to be able to find stuff reliably. It’s too painful to be going to the studio or web dev team every-time you want the right visual material to illustrate a piece of documentation. And most Content Management Systems don’t play the role of image library very well – associating versions of images with versions of product for example.

    But some media library software (DAM / MAM etc. ) can make this pretty easy. If you maintain all your photos, pics and videos in an online library you can tag them with appropriate keywords and captions to make them easy to find, by all interested teams (support, tech doc, sales etc.) Using workflow tools provided with the library, you can resize them or select predefined sizes and make them available on a web link which can then be inserted into a web page, Help page, support email or intranet - without the need to involve web experts. Perfect for taking an approved asset and re-using it in lots of different pages in different sizes. And having the whole range of your assets clearly browse-able and searchable at your fingertips can be a big help in itself. Easy-to-find pictures, easy-to-publish on the web, easy to keep up-to-date. You can also integrate a “Get Image from Library” button into your CMS. Like this:

    If you not using such a system, you should consider the ease and speed they can give you and the potential savings – some users quote as much as 70% saving in production costs for typical projects.

    Gerry Cavander
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