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Product Review: MindTouch TCS Integrates Content with the User Experience

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imageProduct Review: MindTouch TCS Integrates Content with the User Experience

2013 will see enterprise-level thinking that focuses on integrating technical communication with Support, Training, and Social Media. We are seeing an evolution of the technical communicator role into integrated content strategists and content curators. The new role is going to require a new set of tools, and MindTouch TCS, “the Social Help System”, is the toolset that choreographs the entire customer experience.

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  • Aaron FulkersonAaron Fulkerson Posts: 1
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    Thanks for the write up. At MindTouch we're very passionate about building solutions for product help experiences that increase brand value, product competitiveness and user happiness. I believe the approach we've taken in building MindTouch into a multi-channel help system is unique and our customers really like it too. I'm psyched you took the time to capture this. Thanks.
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