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Five Ways to Make Executives Love Content Development

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imageFive Ways to Make Executives Love Content Development

Alan J. Porter's LavaCon Conference 2012 presentation, "Five Ways to Make Executives Love Content Development", provided a set of tools for promoting the value and importance of various forms of content development, including technical communication and technical illustration. Technical communicators must understand what the actual purpose of their company is, which is not the same knowing as what the company produces or does. A company might make drill bits for mining equipment, for example, but its real purpose is to help miners mine minerals effectively. With this understanding, technical communicators can better focus their messages, and also understand the importance of content development to the company's real purpose.

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  • Jacquie SamuelsJacquie Samuels CanadaPosts: 38
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    For the revenue generation ideas, I think users would balk at having to pay for information on top of paying for the product. Can't we sell it to the execs by saying that documentation is part of the product and by improving the documentation, we're improving the product?

    I shudder to think of paying .99 for a help topic from, say, FrameMaker. It would be enough for me to just search elsewhere for an answer instead.

    Revenue generation through product usability enhancement? People use better documentation, people are happier and spread the word about a good product, more people buy?

    Also, if you're saving the company money by, for example, call deflection to Support, isn't that the good sort of save? Support is an essential role, but not for helping users figure out the documentation.
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