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The Great Debate: It's All Marketing Communication

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imageThe Great Debate: It's All Marketing Communication

Technical Communication and Marketing Communication professionals often seem to be at odds with each other in providing content about the products and services offered by organizations. At TechWhirl we want to explore how technical communication and marketing communication intersect, overlap, merge, or compete. So we asked our resident expert, Alissa Martine, to answer five simple (well, maybe not simple) questions on the role and essential value of marketing communications to a business.

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  • mbakeranalectambakeranalecta CanadaPosts: 53
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    This whole debate, I think, arises from a simple misunderstanding. When you say "marketing communications" to a technical writer, what they hear is "advertising". But advertising is only one part of marketing. As Alissa points out, marketing communications happens both pre and post sale.

    Marketing (if done right) is as much concerned with customer retention as it is with customer acquisition, and so communication designed to retain the customer is just as much part of marking communications as communication designed to get new customers or to sell new products to existing customers.

    Technical communication (if done right) aims to retain the customer by making them successful. It is therefore marketing communications. By this measure, all technical communication is marketing communication, but not all marketing communication is technical communication.

    However, if we take into account all of the technical communication that takes place internally and is not meant for public consumption, then the two fields intersect, but neither contains the other.
  • GeorgeFlarianGeorgeFlarian United StatesPosts: 16
    Very well written, I think thw whole point lies who you proceed towards marketing, without proper communication the real marketing cannot be done
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