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Classic: Building Bridges Between Marketing and Technical Publications Teams

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edited September 2013 via Wordpress in Technical Writing and Communications
imageClassic: Building Bridges Between Marketing and Technical Publications Teams

One common myth in the corporate world is that technical publications and marketing departments are fundamentally at odds with each other. Some technical writers believe marketing publications are too adjective-laden and prone to hyperbole, while some marketing writers think technical publications are too dry and factual. Who’s right? It’s all a matter of perspective. Technical writers and marketing writers typically have different audiences and purposes for their publications. But once you get beyond the superficial differences, both writing groups have more in common than is immediately apparent.

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  • Larry KunzLarry Kunz Posts: 15
    via Wordpress
    This is a great article. I don't think there ever were good reasons to separate Tech Comm from Marketing. But if there were, those reasons certainly don't apply today.

    I've written more about this: It's about conversation. Let's converse!.
  • Brett PeruzziBrett Peruzzi United StatesPosts: 1 ✭✭
    via Wordpress
    Thanks Larry, and I agree with you, but it still happens. It's interesting to re-read my article all these years later and reflect on my own career. When I wrote the article, I was doing tech doc full time, with some forays into marketing projects. I'm still partially in tech doc, but also doing software product management. The interesting and cool thing for me that as product manager I get to direct, and many cases do, all of the written communication - technical, marketing, training, etc.

    So for the tech doc people out there who would like to expand their writing scope - consider product management as well. Hmmm, maybe I can write an article about that next ...
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