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TechWhirl First Look: Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4.0

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imageTechWhirl First Look: Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4.0

Adobe Systems has provided some tantalizing hints as to when it would release the new Technical Communication Suite 4.0, and what might be in it. The when is today, July 24, 2012. And the what addresses a lot requests and requirements that TCS users have been asking for. The TCS team was listening, and the result is a nicely integrated set of tools that meet the future of technical communications head on.

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  • DavidDavid Posts: 2
    via Wordpress
    Unintended negative, I assume?

    " And of course it’s hard to do anything in technical communication with Adobe Acrobat Pro X."
  • ConnieConnie United StatesPosts: 28 admin
    via Wordpress
    Indeed it was! Thanks for catching the typo!

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