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Unified Content That Serves the Customer: Let’s Come Out of the Dark Ages

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imageUnified Content That Serves the Customer: Let’s Come Out of the Dark Ages

As user advocates, we technical writers should be outraged at the hoops our users have to jump through to find the information they need just because different kinds of content are created by different departments. All too often each department pushes content out to customers in their own ways, for their own reasons, which means we’ve created a mess of the entire user experience. Users ought to find everything they need, from training videos to operating system requirements, from high-level content to detailed tasks, from reviews to troubleshooting guides, in one place. I know, what a radical concept: make things easy.

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  • Paul BulasPaul Bulas Posts: 1
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    Interdepartmental competitiveness can also hinder effective communication, and teamwork at the macro level. A unified approach that focuses on usability from the client's perspective is indeed an admirable goal.
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