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The Global Content Value Chain: Technical Communication Perspective

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imageThe Global Content Value Chain: Technical Communication Perspective

Dmitri Ragano understands global. He is currently a senior manager, Internet Applications at Herbalife, a global nutrition company. And, he as good reason since his experience ranges from working in mobile communications in Japan to supporting Fortune 50 companies at Razorfish in the late 90s. He’s a world traveler, a content strategist and the published author of Employee of the Year, which can be purchased on Amazon. Dimitri sat down with Al Martine of TechWhirl a while ago to discuss, shifts and trends in the world of content strategy, effective content teams and his views on making a global content value chain successful.

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    I 'm student in peshgam institute of higher education in Afghanistan Kabul so i need some brief information regarding business communication in the global contents please send me.

    best regards.
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