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Session Summary: Getting Started with User Assistance (UA) for Mobile Applications

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imageSession Summary: Getting Started with User Assistance (UA) for Mobile Applications

Effective mobile user assistance (UA) requires a shift from traditional UA thinking, and according to Joe Welinske, that shift includes a focus on usability, word choice and a bit of zen. Welinske's session on getting started with mobile UA, delivered at WritersUA, provided great foundational guidance on what to consider in planning, designing and building mobile UA. He gave us an example of a company he’d worked with that used a payroll iOS app to accomplish their individual users' very specific time tracking goals.

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  • Jacquie SamuelsJacquie Samuels CanadaPosts: 38
    via Wordpress
    Firstly, thank goodness for your view on the Oxford comma. I may have had to stop talking to you had you not believed in it. Secondly, "getting zen" should make for a delightfully difficult job of single sourcing content meant for both regular tech pubs and for a mobile application, what with getting rid of punctuation, numbering, and everything but nouns and verbs(!!). Did Joe address that little issue?
  • Ashley BrownAshley Brown Posts: 3
    via Wordpress
    They can pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead hands. I definitely agree with you here - single-sourcing a mobile and desktop app would be tough. Though he didn't mention single-sourcing directly in his presentation, the impression I got was that the apps he was writing for didn't have content that directly related to desktop software. I could see from his screen shots that he went extremely minimalist, which I think was appropriate in context, but which would surely seem strange with more available screen real estate.
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