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Collaborative Work Management Tools: A MindManager Road Test

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imageCollaborative Work Management Tools: A MindManager Road Test

We here at TechWhirl (read Connie, me and about 20 volunteers) are always looking for better ways to collaborate since none of us live in the same city. Sure, there are plenty of tools for sharing information like, well the telephone or email; or if we go all web 2.0, the awesomeness that is Dropbox. But in our experiences, there are few, if any, really great collaborative work management tools out there that allow teams across time and space to effectively do work together in anything close to real-time. We had the opportunity to road test MindManager 2012 and MindJet Connect for our coverage of the LavaCon Conference and here's the report on how they performed.

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  • Liam HughesLiam Hughes Posts: 1
    via Wordpress
    Nice review Al,

    I know the team at Mindjet are continuing work on the Mac version, and the connect integration, so your issues may soon be resolved in this area.

    If you want to see how thousands of others are using mindmanager, you might like to take a look at the mind map library at http://www.Biggerplate.com where there are over 2,000 map examples and templates available to view and download for free!

    All the best

    Liam Hughes
    Founder: Biggerplate
  • Al MartineAl Martine United StatesPosts: 12
    via Wordpress
    Hi Liam,

    I've heard the same thing from the MindJet folks. The new version for Windows is pretty good - I even asked about just doing a patch to cut over to MindJet Connect but it seems there are some major changes that will need to occur.

    This is my first Mac - before this I was a Windows guy so it's a little different being on this side of the fence.
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