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Gender-neutral Technical Writing

TechWhirl WebsiteTechWhirl Website United StatesPosts: 396 admin
edited September 2013 via Wordpress in Technical Writing and Communications
imageGender-neutral Technical Writing

Gender-neutral writing uses language that does not stereotype either sex nor appear to be referring to only one sex when that is not the writer's intention. In this article, you'll see why gender-neutral writing is important for technical writers to use, what gender-neutral writing is not, and how you can use gender-neutral writing in the documents you develop.

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  • ShannondogShannondog United KingdomPosts: 1
    Excellent piece
    You have not covered the issue of 'titles' such as "Businessman" or terms such as the one I recently lost a long battle on when writing a quite important national guidance document: "Workmanship". I'd be pleased to read your views on this and apologies for my failure to influence!
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