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Writing Software Requirements Specifications (SRS)

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imageWriting Software Requirements Specifications (SRS)

Here's the scenario: You're finishing up your latest HTML Help project...no more late nights or weekends...back to a "normal" 50-hour work week. That's when the development team lead strolls into your office and says she just got your manager's okay for you to help the development team "put together the functional requirements specification template for the next major project."

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  • DhananjayDhananjay Posts: 1
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    Excellent ! We all know this but you have put it in a very nice fashion. This will certainly help even an experienced person also to write SRS in a better way. Will you please share any sample SRS?
  • arturartur Posts: 1
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    Very interesting and useful information,

    Thank you very much for all these clarifications , they helped me very much to understand all what i need in order to start creating the SRS document for my final academic project (SW Engineering b.sc.)

    Live long and prosper )
  • TebogoTebogo Posts: 1
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    thank you very much,i now know what what to do! now i can start with my project(Bsc Computer science) university of limpopo
  • GogontleGogontle Posts: 2
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    Outstanding initiative, now is there an example of a written and approved (completed) project of SRS? Please furnish us with such.

    I am currently doing Computer Engineering Systems and have been tasked to do a project regarding any subject that I learned through out the course. e.g. Networks, Programming, Electronics, Microprocessors etc.
  • GogontleGogontle Posts: 2
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    What project are you thinking about Tebogo?
  • TechWhirlTechWhirl United StatesPosts: 128 admin
    via Wordpress
    As of now we do not have any templates due to the ad hoc nature of each project plus cleansing the doc if it came from a real world example would be tough. We'll do our best to think of a way to create some templates though. Warning: It'll be a while.

    As a request - if you have one at the end of your project that you would feel comfortable posting to share with the rest of the community, we'd certainly appreciate it.

    Glad the post has been helpful.
  • JennyJenny Posts: 1
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    This aritcle was extremely helpful and informative, thank you! So, had a question and was hoping you might have some insight. Our office deals with "COTS" products, so software functionality already exists 'out of the box' for the most part. I seem to struggle with some team members on when a new requirement must be written. Here's the scenario - change request has been received from a end-user of the system (they want to create a warning dilsplay banner within the application), the software module already exists (no custom coding) to create a display banner. So it's a new user requested capabiity using existing functionality. I say a new requirement should be written based on 2 items - it impacts what the end-user sees so it is a "new user" requested capability and there is no existing requirement that states the system has this capability. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jenny
  • NonxNonx Posts: 1
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    Thank you.. Very informative and useful..:)
    via Wordpress
    I have read but i haven't understood how to really write a srs. please you may
    assist me with a template. Thanks Alex
  • Girdhar singhGirdhar singh Posts: 1
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    By mistake scratch is written in place of "sketch" in above para.
  • munyahmunyah Posts: 1
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    thank U guys, U have saved a soul!!! GR8 Help indeed!!
  • TechWhirlTechWhirl United StatesPosts: 128 admin
    via Wordpress
    Hi Girdhar,

    I just checked this and the correct word was used.

    take care,
  • FluxFlux Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
  • PeterLakovPeterLakov Posts: 1
    edited February 2014
    Great article on what to include in a SRS. Here are some great and easy to use tools for making specs readable and reviewable - two aspects critical to having a meaningful spec. 
    1) Lists - the easiest way to enumerate things in a readable format 
    2) Tables - lists on steroids, can be used for multiple categories, as matrices, for sorting and resorting based on columns, and in so many other ways 
    3) Diagrams - a picture is worth a thousand words 
    4) Markers - for your TBDs, CUT features, WARNING signals, and more 
    5) Sections - to give your document hierarchy and easy navigation, rather than forcing readers to read the entire thing 6) List of open issues - to capture the remaining work 

  • VladVlad Posts: 1
    Great information! You have good awareness of this question. By the way, we have an article (https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/software-specification-document-why-does-your-project-need-one) about how to get a software specification for your project. Could I add some your theses into it with link to you?
  • We have written a LyX layout to write Software Requirements Specification (SRS). It supports Requirements, Features, Use Cases, and Test Cases. It support full tractability using references. It can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/practiceprovider/srs
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