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Getting Started on Managing (and Measuring) Interdepartmental Technical Communication Requests

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imageGetting Started on Managing (and Measuring) Interdepartmental Technical Communication Requests

If you’ve been a technical writer for any length of time, you’ve probably encountered somebody from another team or department who wants some help “writing this up.” It’s hard—sometimes not even permissible—to say no to those requests. In fact some technical communication teams support a whole range of internal and external communications activities that go beyond the traditional manuals, design docs or online help. In today’s ROI world everything is measured, so it’s more important than ever to establish a formal system for managing communications requests and tasks.

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  • via Wordpress
    Tx for a super article. I got a lot out of it and will find the sample Tech Comm Project Tracker particularly helpful.

    I'd like to follow you on Twitter...but don't think I found the "right" Connie Giordano?
  • ConnieConnie United StatesPosts: 28 admin
    via Wordpress
    Glad you found it useful. Let us know how it works for you! I'm CPGiordano on Twitter, but the magazine gets updated more frequently so follow us @techwritertoday.
  • MarieMarie Posts: 1
    Thank you for a great article. It is hard to point out these things to clients who having you doing the little things as well.
    I have noticed a couple items you may wish to consider adding to your list. Workflow or network diagrams; I have been sent these and asked to recreate them. Also a basic use case with steps, or a quick how to... which could fall into you procedures heading.
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