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What to Consider When Building Help for Mobile Devices for Field Workers

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imageWhat to Consider When Building Help for Mobile Devices for Field Workers

There’s no denying that smart devices are taking over. Everywhere we turn, people are talking about the newest app they’ve downloaded (Angry Birds anyone?). But aside from avian masochism and borderline obsessive updates on Facebook, smart phones and other mobile devices (tablets, PDAs, etc.) have proven their usefulness in the professional world, and in particular, for workers in the field. But what does the age of mobility mean for technical communications professionals focused on user assistance? How do you plan and implement help on smart devices that field personnel can and will use?

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  • Fred MarcanoFred Marcano Posts: 1
    via Wordpress
    Hey Laura,

    I'm a Technical Writer/Online Help Author for a Clinical Research organization in NYC.

    Since 1984 I've used HATs such as RoboHelp, Doc-To-Help, and HTML Help to develop online help systems since for desktop and web based systems.

    What mobile help authoring tools do you recommend that are compatible with device OS such as: Apple iOS, Palm webOS, Google Android? Thank you.

    Fred Marcano
    Contact Info. [email protected]
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