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So Easy a Child Could Do It: Can We Make an Interface Too Usable?

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imageSo Easy a Child Could Do It: Can We Make an Interface Too Usable?

When most of us think about usability, we probably think about websites, web applications, computer software, and more recently, tablets and mobile devices. Video game consoles usually do not come to mind, but they should.

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    An interesting read, thanks Ryan. This thought of comparing UI functionality of business software to that of video games has gained a lot of steam recently thanks to Oracle's big push of "Operation: Steampunk" for their SAP offering. I agree that I would rather have a webtool that is easy to use than one that is convoluted, and find that with all the selection available to us in the eCom world, it's easily a gamebreaker if I can't figure out the shopping cart on the first try.

    For info on Oracle's take:

  • Ryan MinakerRyan Minaker CanadaPosts: 6
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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks a lot, and thanks for sharing the link to that blog. I've never heard of Gamification (until now), but it's really interesting. I watched Jane McGonigal's speech on TED and bought her book about three hours later! As a recovering World of Warcraft addict, everything she said made crystal clear sense to me. Now, how do I apply her theories to my life and career...?
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