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Digital Asset Management (DAM) Systems and the Single Technical Writer

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imageDigital Asset Management (DAM) Systems and the Single Technical Writer

For years, writers saddled with a shoestring budget and a plethora of data would resort to creating a manual filing system or use a version control system. Both of these solutions were quick and effective for text-based data with static illustrations, where collaboration among content creators is minimal.

But, the sole technical writer who creates text-based documentation with no outside input is quickly becoming an endangered species. Changing consumer demands for content are impacting the documentation process. Today’s consumers expect more video content and more visual data.

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  • Richard TomkinsRichard Tomkins Posts: 1
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    She also receives a note from Adam, who wants to modify the original logo for the company. The newly modified logo will be used on all technical, marketing, and training products.

    I read that line and wondered who the person was that wrote the article.
    I have been involved in branding at two major corporations, Digital Equipment Corporation and General Electric and actively promoted brand adherence at a third corporation.

    I can tell you, up front, with authority, no recent hire, nor anyone else never, ever touches the corporate logo, never ever.

    Messing around with the corporate brand is an undertaking of the Board of Directors, period full stop, no ifs and or buts about it.
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