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How to detect poorly formed DITA on Reimport or on Build?

robinsennyrobinsenny Posts: 1

I've selected the option. 2. I make a change in the DITA that unknowingly breaks the DITA. 3. The topic does not re-import when I regenerate the Flare project, and no warning appears.I eventually discovered that "failure to reimport" happens when the DITA is poorly formed. (I am writing it in Notepad, for now, because IT hasn't yet provided me with a DITA editor, such as oXygen, so malformed DITA will happen).There are no warnings or errors in the Build Log (log file). The only workaround I've found is to re-import the project. Then the wizard parses the DITA and gives error messages—so clearly Flare has the ability to validate DITA. [I wish it would also validate the DITA on Reimport.

For More Details:-
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