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Right-Angle Brackets in Navigation Steps?

There's some disagreement within my team regarding the use of right-angle brackets to concatenate on-screen navigation sequences:

2. Click Start > Settings > DSP > Provision.


2. Click Start.
3. Click Settings.
4. Click DSP.
5. Click Provision.

A quick Google search did not return any discussions on this (although the MMoS says “Some products […] use a right angle bracket (>) to show users how to open a series of menus. Although this is not the method generally used in Microsoft content, it is all right to use for groups who have determined that this is the best way to communicate menu interactions for their platform or audience.”)

Have any of you gone through this discussion before? Thanks in advance.


  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 24
    I don't know of any strict rules on this, either. I'm curious to know what others use. Personally, I use the brackets for menus when there are multiple clicks the user needs to navigate through before doing the second step, as you mentioned. I see one step being navigation and how to get there. To keep repeating "Click" seems redundant, so I prefer it lumped into one step to keep the process concise, especially if it's a longer procedure. Also, I typically include a screenshot to show the navigation, so if I can show all of those steps in one image, I prefer to display it that way. I like breaking each step out if there's more I want to explain or show in an image.
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