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Knowledge Management consulting services - any advice?

Hello everyone,

I've been lurking the TechWhirl for almost 12 years now. :) Today I need some advice, which some of you may be able to provide.

I work as a Technical Communication team leader in a growing IT company. We have many areas within the company that produce and consume information, both internal and public-facing. For some years now we haven't been following any knowledge management strategy (at least for longer than a couple of months), which means that although there is a lot of potential for improvement, some areas are quite stagnant in what concertns producing content while others are starving for that same content.

Since this is a big company (600+ employees) and the current situation regarding knowledge management is tending towards the complex, I would like to bring it up to management a suggestion of hiring the services of a consulting company that would be able to do an assessment of our requirements and help delineate a process that we could follow.

Do any of you have any kind of experience with such a consulting service? Could you recommend any special consultant?

Thank you in advance!

Paulo Ribeiro
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