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Style for Navigation


I'm trying to find a style guide or advice about best practices for describing navigation in technical documentation. My team's style is to use arrows, for example, "To locate the user manual, go to: www.abc.com > Click Login > Click Employee > Click the Training Resources drop-down list > Select User Manual."

However, another department in my workplace uses double arrows >> but that hasn't been our standard and I'd rather give them a good reason as to why we use one arrow (is that common practice in tech comm?) rather than stating it's just the style we use.

So far, I've looked in the Microsoft Manual of Style, Chicago Manual of Style, and have searched Google but am not finding a solid reason or documentation of this anywhere.

Thanks for any tips you have.


  • ConnieConnie United StatesPosts: 28 admin
    edited June 2017
    Like many situations, this is one where the best approach is to pick one style and use it consistently. My personal preference is for a single bracket >, which is what I see most often in other arenas. The main justification I'd have for it is the same as using one space after a period. Less typing, and overall fewer characters.

    Whatever you decide, make sure whichever one you decide upon is added to your style guide.
  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 24
    Thank you, Connie.
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