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Customizable Online-Help?

Hi there,

I hope someone can help me with this issue since I do not have the experience.

Our company got a request from a customer that he wishes to customize our online help. That means, we provide the standard online help, the customer installs the online help and with this installation he wants to have the possibility to add topics and to extend the index.

From my understanding, this will not work. We are using Adobe Robohelp. Someone said, it might work if we use something like a Wiki but then we will have two separate systems to maintain.

Am I wrong or is there a possibility to make an online help customizable after installation?



  • odedilanodedilan IsraelPosts: 2
    Hi Becca,

    You can do it with EPSS (Walk-through) solutions.
    Iridize, my company is one of them, but there are around 20 companies in our filed today - so you don't have to use only our option :-)

    If you wish you can reach out to me or to my staff and they'll be happy to explain how this wroks


  • Hi Oded,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I've never heard of EPSS solutions. Sounds interesting. I will do some research to find out if it is something that could really help us.
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