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Linking Algorithms and Structured Writing | TechWhirl

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imageLinking Algorithms and Structured Writing | TechWhirl

Mark Baker looks at the details of how linking algorithms support structured content and the ability of the reader to engage in information foraging.

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  • In this part is same problems with wrong links:

    "In DITA, the ph element is used to delineate an arbitrary phrase in the content to which we want to apply management domain attributes. Here we define two different versions of the phrase “the Duke”, each with different forms of deflection support, and each with a corresponding media condition. The synthesis algorithm would then choose the appropriate version of the phrase for each publication based on the conditions set for the build".

    Link from 'synthesis algorithm': http://techwhirl.com/publishing-algorithm/

    "Given this markup, we can easily create the paper-style deflection mechanisms we have been looking for. We simply have the presentation algorithm take the value of the name attribute and output it between parentheses:"

    Link from 'presentation algorithm': http://techwhirl.com/publishing-algorithm/

    "In all our previous examples, mentions of “Rio Bravo” were not marked up, even though it is clearly an important subject and a potential deflection point. This reflects the author’s decision not to create a link to support this deflection point. But what if we want to make a different choice later? By marking up “Rio Bravo” as a significant subject, we keep our options open. Now we tell the presentation algorithm to create links on the names of movies if we want to, or not if we don’t want to."

    Link from 'presentation algorithm': http://techwhirl.com/publishing-algorithm/

    "In a reuse scenario, whenever have to worry about broken links or creating relationship tables. We generate whatever links are appropriate to whatever topics are available in the presentation algorithm."

    "A useful feature of this approach is that we can have the publishing algorithm fall back to creating a link to an external resource if an internal one is not available. If a search of the index of our own content fails, we can search indexes of external content. We can build such an index ourselves, but some external sites may also provide indexes, APIs, or search facilities that we can use to locate appropriate pages to link to."

    I think in all these cases the link should be http://techwhirl.com/structured-writing-algorithms-publishing/
  • TechWhirlTechWhirl United StatesPosts: 128 admin
    Thanks for letting us know about the broken link. I think we've gotten it fixed
  • GoudronGoudron Posts: 3
    edited January 2017
    Thank you, but I think things went worse :)

    I thought you had to change all links in this article from http://techwhirl.com/publishing-algorithm/ to http://techwhirl.com/structured-writing-algorithms-publishing/ .

    But you changed the location of 'Algorithms in Structured Writing: Processing Structured Text' article to http://techwhirl.com/publishing-algorithm/ . That isn't correct because this article is not about publishing algorithms.

    Could you fix this issue? Thank you :)
  • ConnieConnie United StatesPosts: 28 admin
    We've made all the corrections... and tested them, so you shouldn't see any more issues. Thanks!
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