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Who Really Needs an MA in Professional/Technical Writing? | TechWhirl

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imageWho Really Needs an MA in Professional/Technical Writing? | TechWhirl

Erika Konrad goes searching for the answer to the question about whether to pursue a graduate degree in professional / technical writing.

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  • mycowzmycowz Posts: 1
    edited October 2016
    Like other professional graduate degrees, it sounds like this article is making the case for those transitioning to a career in tech writing or perhaps those who are interested in a management/leadership role of some sort. With Agile development, such as Scrum, management/leadership roles are changing dramatically and in some cases being eliminated. For those writers with only a bachelors, and perhaps a graduate certificate, but over a decade of experience working on several different tech comm projects, will the time and sacrifice put toward this degree really be worth it? If you're a part-time student, then you're essentially a tech writer by day and tech writing student by night, meaning you're now doing twice the tech writing work for the same pay and no guarantee of a career or salary boost after you complete the program.
  • konradtechwhirlkonradtechwhirl United StatesPosts: 1
    Dear mycowz: I love your handle :) If you are interested in chatting with me more about your own situation, feel free to email me at [email protected] Many of the people who come to our program are in jobs that require some writing, but not a lot, and they want to write more. So, yes, these folks are ones who are transitioning to a career in professional writing (including, but not exclusively "tech" writing). Some people come to our program because they need a degree to go higher on the salary scale where they work. Some are not confident in their writing and want to move to jobs that require more writing, different types of writing, or more excellent writing. Our program can boost confidence and provide a way to explore job options and to network for those new to the field. Some come to us because they want to have an MA on their resumes: they want to teach; they want to start their own business; they want to join a community of fellow professional writers; they want feedback on their writing; they want to grow. For those who want to grow but don't want to commit to the time and expense of an MA, we offer a certificate. It sounds like the person you are describing with over a decade of experience does not need an MA unless an organization he or she wants to work for requires it. I hope this is helpful. See you on email!
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