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Estimating time for brief scenario creation

I've been tasked with creating about 200 9-1-1 training scenarios. These are NOT scripts. Volunteers (experienced cops and firefighters) will call the trainees based on my scenarios but speak in their own words. The topics have been given to me, for example "scuba accident" or "chest pain." The topics are extremely wide-ranging and often require brief research to learn symptoms, etc. in order to present credible situations. Or they take a few minutes to think up. Quick, think of an animal attack scenario...venomous bite...implantable cardiac defibrillator emergency...penetrating trauma....

These take me anywhere from 5 - 10 minutes apiece, but I'm afraid that's too slow. I made the mistake of coming up with the first dozen scenarios pretty quickly, and now they're thinking I should be able to get all 200 done in a few days (10 per hour, 80 per day). Which doesn't really include, say, breathing.

How long should this REALLY take? Here's an example:

Topic: Headache
You woke from a nap with horrible pounding pain on the right side of your head. You’re home, alone, upstairs. You’re in considerable pain, distracted and uncooperative, doing a lot of groaning.

Thanks so much for your help!
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