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Need to create documentation for my company

Hello !

I have been assigned to work on a task that requires me to create documentation about our system (should include roles, processes, and system features). Please note that system means an computer application. The following are the various items that we would want to have in our documentation;

1) Roles: Executives, Supervisors, Managers, Directors, Audience (External, and rest are the different internal users)
2) Systems: There are total three systems that we use; 1) Backend (a web based application where majority of ground work happens), 2) Frontend (a mobile application where functionalities are provided per audience), 3) Support (another web based application that supports support and maintainance).
3) Various processes that helps our customers/audience to work with us.

So, basically, we have lot going on and we want to have a complete and clear documentation at one place that may help a new comer/joinee to understand our business and can start on his day job as early as possible.

I am little bit confused on what should I consider while creating such good documentation; e.g. Business Process Modeling? where I can have my three dimentions to be included (Processes, Roles, Systems (three apps with their list of features))?

Can someone please guide me in terms of how should I document them?

PS: The systems have got many features and I know that the processes are pretty complex, but at the same time, I wouldn't want to have 100 different documents to understand the system.

Please advise.



  • BrianDBrianD United StatesPosts: 2
    edited July 2016
    Don't over think it.  PIOP - Put It On Paper first by writing what you know and then let the content dictate the organization.   Looks like a simple matrix of sorts would work for your task.
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