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New writer - advice on career progression/training options

Hi all, 

I have approximately 3.5 years experience in both instructional design and technical writing (for a multinational IT company). 

I am looking for some advice on areas of specialization you can move into within the tech writing field; and also for any training that people can recommend (I don't mind if the training is online, delivered live, or is asynchronous). There seems to be little knowledge on areas to specialize or move into in this area when I asked my employers. We currently use SDL as our content management system - is there training or learning out there that allows you develop more knowledge on these systems? I am open to all suggestions for career paths right now :) 

Thank you 



  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 21
    I've been a technical writer for about the same amount of time. To keep up with trends, best practices, and news in our field I do quite a bit of research and professional development. I read blogs and attend free webinars from various resources related to tech comm. Some of the related areas I've researched is content management, content strategy, visual communication, and project management. I'm also on a training team so I also engage in training related webinars. 

    DITA and XML have been hot topics in tech writing if you're interested in researching more about that. I don't think there's a ton of specialized areas within tech writing besides the latest hot topics. There's tech writing for medical industries vs governmental writing, etc. But really I think technical writing encompasses a lot of the same basic fundamentals no matter what area you focus on. 

    Here are some of the tech comm resources I visit often for blogs and free webinars if you're interseted in seeing what's out there. Some of these are companies like SDL offer software solutions or maybe are what I might consider competitors of a current software I use. I try to keep up on what competitors are offering to stay up to date. 

    There's also some helpful groups on LinkedIn I follow for hot topics. I would search Technical writing or technical communication on the groups page and follow some of those. 

    I'm not sure if this is the informaion you're looking for but hope you find something interesting in this post. 
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