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How to break in?

About me:

I've been trying to get into technical writing. I have a graduate degree in writing and one year of experience in writing technical marketing materials but using only Word and the likes.

I know HTML, have never used XML but know it, and have no idea how to use Sharepoint. I'm currently taking an online course in technical writing, but it's a free one and very text heavy. Im learning more about coding and developing too through Coursera.


I cannot get a job. I lost the first job I had before gaining enough experience to look qualified, and essentially I'm not. But with a few weeks of training on the job I could be, and in a few months I'd be tip-top. Employers are not willing to wait for this length of time though since it seems there are so many people who can walk in the door and do a great job today.

How to get a job?:

I've read a piece of advice that says that one could create a portfolio on their own that would essentially suffice for experience, but I'm not looking to spent the 1-2+ months of work that it would take to do this. This is great in theory but impossible in scale.

Am I really that under-qualified? I like to think I'd be able to learn this job but it seems impossible to get into. I wonder if anyone has any tips or advice I could enact in the practical, short-term arena.



  • opwopxocopwopxoc Posts: 4
    Start by looking up at least 10 to 15 job postings in the fields of technical writing that interest you. Make a list of the required skills, knowledge and experience that are common to most of these job postings, and make it a personal goal to learn these skills over the next few months.
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