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Tool That Combines MS Word and Adobe Illustrator

Apologies for the incorrect category. This should be filed under "Software and Tools."

I'm looking for a tool that combines the word processing of Microsoft Word with the vector-based image editing of Adobe Illustrator. Even a plug in that would fuse the two together a bit more elegantly would be useful. My current gig has us working directly in Illustrator to manipulate views exported from Solidworks. Writing directly in Illustrator is trying to say the least. Generating items like page numbers, TOC, figures, and tables are done 100% manually. There has to be a better way.


  • Misha_KMisha_K United StatesPosts: 5
    Have you looked at Open Office, or the other one, Libre Office?

    I know Open Office *does* have a vector drawing component, and it does have back-and-forth "Save As" interchangability with Word.

    On the other hand, if you have Illustrator, and maybe Photoshop and Acrobat as well, I think most Technical Publications Dept. have learned the drill ----  you create your graphics in Adobe World --- then past the jpg's or whatever into the Word doc. Don't forget to select, "Insert and Link" (instead of just, "Insert") when you paste in the finished graphic, so it updates automatically.
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