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Fluid Topics and other dynamic publishing tools

Hi All,

In our company, we have been using AuthorIt to prepare technical documentation for many years. We used to publish various outputs (PDFs, help files), but at the moment we publish one HTML documentation set (available online for our users).

Our company used to develop one product, so it is one documentation set, for the latest version of the single product. This year, however, our company started developing a few additional products. Moreover, our customers use different versions of products, and they would like to access information specific for their versions. It is also possible that we will have to provide country-specific information in the nearest future.

So we started looking at “dynamic publishing” solutions: systems that would allow our users find and access (only) information they need (certain product, version etc.) AuthorIt used to promote such a dynamic contents product, Aspect. When we contacted AuthorIt about it, we heard that now they integrate with another product, Fluid Topics. The demo looks quite nice, but the product is very expensive for a small company like ours. We will look at Fluid Topics in more details, but we are also wondering if there are other (hopefully less expensive) solutions in the market. If you can help us with (any of) the following questions, it will be really appreciated!

* Are there any good overviews / reviews of available dynamic publishing / dynamic content systems?

* Did anybody have experience with Fluid Topics or any other tools like this (e.g.Mekon, MindTouch, Suite Solutions)?

* If you don’t use any tools like this, how do you provide different information (online) for different types of users?

Many thanks in advance and kind regards,


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