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Manager's Notebook: Musings on Resumes | TechWhirl

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imageManager's Notebook: Musings on Resumes | TechWhirl

Alyssa Fox shares what she looks for in information developer resumes as she works to add talented tech comm professionals to her team.

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  • Good points here Alyssa.

    I would add a couple of things:
    1. Always send a .pdf version of your resume. Don't send Word docs unless you are required to do so. When I receive a Word document, I turn on all the special characters, etc. to look at what gyrations you had to go through to make your resume look a certain way. Like Alyssa, I don't care about tools but if you don't know how to do a hard page break in Word my eyebrows immediately shoot up.
    2. Use bullet points when you are breaking down your experience at a job. Please don't punish me by having to read a meandering paragraph for each job listing all of the things you did in the position. That's what bulleted lists are for.
    3. Never list jobs that are totally unrelated to what you are applying for unless you can somehow relate a skill to the position. Please don't tell me you were a house painter for 3 years 25 years ago or took 2 years off to write the great unpublished American novel. The first one makes me question your ability to properly filter information to what is appropriate (a critical technical writing skill), the second one is something you can explain if I ask about the work gap when you're interviewing. I don't need to know what High School you graduated from either.
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