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how to emphasize space between characters

In the example below, take note of the space that appears after 5 and before V (also, no spaces in-between C and 1). How do I guide the users to follow the naming convention? How do I place emphasis on this? Please help. Thank you.

Project Description field: ABC-12345 - Vendor Name


  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 21
    Is this text within a procedure? Can you place some type of notice below like an important note and call out where the spaces should be?
  • madamemooisellemadamemooiselle United StatesPosts: 4
    yes, this text is within a procedure. what the user needs to do is follow the exact formatting. i had the same idea of placing a callout before typing the text but thought about reaching out to other tech writers who can provide suggestions.

    thank you for providing feedback. 
  • tkistertkister Posts: 4
    It's an awkward format, which is going to make it difficult to enforce. It's awkward because the spacing seems inconsistent – you have two hyphens that are treated differently. Rather than spending a lot of time getting people to follow this naming convention, you could revise the naming convention so it's a little less confusing. For example, "ABC-12345-Vendor Name" (no spaces) or "ABC-12345 – Vendor Name" (en dash before "Vendor Name," instead of a second hyphen).

    If changing the naming convention is not possible, then I'd use a graphic to emphasize the details of what the correct convention entails.
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