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What's the next action?

As a technical writer, an instructional designer/developer, and a project manager, I have found that a "buzz phrase" from David Allen's "Getting Things Done" is the one most helpful thing that I have learned in the past few years. No matter which type of project I'm tackling - from writing museum content to technical content to grant content to instructional content - I make sure that I share my next action at the end of a conference call or other meeting. I also document the next action of each of the other members of the team. 

This one simple act has been surprisingly useful at keeping me and my coworkers - normally in offices across the country from each other if not continents apart - focused on where we are in our predetermined process rather than letting us get lost somewhere in the weeds of the future...

I'm interested in learning how others of you - especially those who work as consultants/contractors - politely keep your team members on track.



  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 21
    The team I'm on does project updates in weekly meetings and has one on one meetings to discuss topics further maybe not appropriate for the whole group. We also have high level status reports that state what each member is currently working on and plans to work on the following week. 
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