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Document management system to keep track of revisions/changes?

kkrkkr CanadaPosts: 1
Hi, can anyone recommend a database for keeping track of changes/revisions that need to be made to document? I've just moved into a new position and have to keep track of hundreds of FAQs related to a software product, all of which require small revisions that have to be made at a future time. I'm looking for something that will automatically assign a document number to a particular document and let me enter the content changes that need to be made, when it was last revised and by whom, and the document numbers of the documents to which they are related. As it is, people keep emailing me little content changes that have to be made to documents, and I'm keeping track of them in an Excel spreadsheet. Thanks.


  • madamemooisellemadamemooiselle United StatesPosts: 4
    hi, please check out the websites below. i hope this helps.

  • hoptimismhoptimism Posts: 6
    Hi there!

    Firstly thanks for the two links, I am following those up.

    Second, I actually had precisely the opposite question to kkr's - are there some best practice tips and tricks for a super-lightweight content management process using e.g. Excel with Track Changes?

    I have the opposite situation - relatively small number of content items, with a fair amount of metadata per item (e.g. business area, topic type, versioning, permissions etc.).

    The emphasis would be on simple tools that everyone is already familiar with and supporting simple processes though.
  • hoptimismhoptimism Posts: 6
    Thirdly :) does anyone have / can anyone point me to experiences / reviews of OpenDocMan?

    Looks very interesting and I would like to hear some real life results.
  • Hi @kkr , you can try Document360 (https://document360.io). I believe this should help you for most of the points that you have mentioned in your query.
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