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New Writer needs help choosing system for content management/versioning for a growing company.

Hi everyone,

I'm a very new writer who, with much luck, snagged a part-time writing job at a company who has never had a technical writer before. 
They want me to propose a process for both managing the documentation, as well as coming up with a documentation versioning system.  

This company is very resistant to following guidelines I've proposed before (allowing for a review of my docs, for instance; they release new software updates nightly, with engineering writing out procedures that go live, at which point I take that material and re-write/publish). Engineering writes their docs in Word; I take these docs, clean them up and then turn them around in pdf format authored in FrameMaker. They are truly resistant to following any processes, even those that they've come up for their own software releases. It's very much a "fly by the seat of your pants" environment! They do, however, see a need to have some controls set in place for documentation so the most recent content publishes, as well as a way to identify and track the docs.  I'm also proposing that I be the point-person for any doc release,but this is probably wishful thinking on my part.

So, I think I should come up with some sort of solution that isn't too complicated for them and for me, and which will suffice for the time being. . As I've never worked for a company with an established documentation department, I'm really not sure where to begin.

Does anyone have any ideas for me?  Should I just start with housing the docs on a network server? Would Share Point be an option? What about naming conventions for these files? 

I appreciate any pointers you have for me!



  • hoptimismhoptimism Posts: 6
    Hi Casey,

    Maybe this other current thread will be of interest to you?



  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 24
    Hi Casey, just curious if you ever found a solution?
  • Hi @casey , I am curious to know if you found a solution already. Otherwise, check out Document360 (https://document360.io). I believe this should help you for most of the points that you have mentioned in your query.
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