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Sentence check

Could you please confirm if it is a correct? Thanks,

spare valve was installed in order to ship the cylinder to my company"


  • ZxyZxy Posts: 2
    If someone can help me out, I will really appreciate it. 
  • tkistertkister Posts: 4
    Well... without a little more information, it's not really possible to tell you if it is "correct."

    Grammatically, it is technically correct, but it uses passive voice and more words than necessary. It's also a little unclear how installing a spare valve relates to the ability to ship the cylinder... I doubt that the spare valve was installed "in order to ship the cylinder." (This wording makes it sound like the valve had something to do with the actual shipping.) 

    I'd guess that it probably should say something like:

    Before shipping the cylinder, a spare valve was installed.

    Good luck!

  • "...in order to..." is always 2 words too many. (One of the few real absolutes in writing.)

    Try this:

    The cylinder shipment to my company included installation of a spare valve.


    The cylinder was shipped to my company with a spare valve installed.
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