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Alternative to Webworks ePublisher ?


In my company, we use Word and Frame as authoring tools, and now looking into automating our packaging process. Our first target is to create outputs in PDF and indexed HTML. We are looking for a batch process with minimal manual intervention, and frequent runs (maybe nightly, maybe twice a week) supporting hundreds of documents.

The only tool we have identified so far to support our plans is ePublisher (with the autoMap), however we are a bit reluctant to take it without evaluating it against other equivalent tool. Does any one know about an alternative tool to ePublisher that offers similar capabilities (batch mode, supporting both Frame and Word, generating multiple formats, ability to configure output look and feel etc.) ?? Also would be interested in hearing people experience with ePublisher in similar projects.

Much appreciated,



  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 21
    An option is Madcap Flare, this is the authoring tool I use as technical writer in my current job. Definitely look into it! madcapsoftware.com
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