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Has been asked but not quite this way

I inherited a 500+ page user guide. What I immediately found was repetitive screens. 
For example, procedure to Add a XYZ... do this and screen appears, do this and screen appears, do this and screen appears, and so on (4 or 5 pages). 
Next procedure to Modify a XYZ -- do this and screen appears (same as in Add a XYZ), do this and screen appears (same as in XYZ), next procedure -- same screens (4 or 5 more pages). 
I actually found one "collection" where 16 different procedures includes 90% of the same screens - over and over and over. 

My question, how would handle this? Show the screens with only the first procedure and refer user back to the first procedure for all of the other procedures. Or something else??


  • smajorssmajors United StatesPosts: 21
    What is the primary output, html, PDF, or other? If html, I don't see it being as big of an issue to reuse images. I've seen procedures that have exact same images in an html output but a new image for each procedure. I just completed a cleanup project to reduce duplicate images. Also, if you can, try to remove unecessary images. For example, do you really need to include a screenshot for every pop-up message that appears? 

    If the images are necessary, I would keep them in the procedure(s). A best practice is to create procedures using a topic based method so that each procedure is considered page one and does not have to refer to additional procedures to get the information. 
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