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For those in Mfg.... What CAD viewers actually work?

Joined this forum today basically in order to ask, "Is there a CAD viewer I can use to replace Autodesk Design Review?:"

Design Review is the 'free' app from Autodesk for those who need to open Inventor iam.dwf  or dwg.dwf files, the 2D and 3D

drawings and models someone without an autodesk Inventor license can use to create content for  technical documentation.

It's basically worth what you pay for it.

I've worked in other manufacturing environments where Solidworks and Pro-E were used by engineering and it seemed
to me that both of those other platforms had viewers that did a much, much better job.

There used to be a 3D plug-in for Adobe Acrobat (versions 9 and/or 10?) that's gone away, that had some nice functionality,

but I'm really getting frustrated with the limitations of Design Review.

I have no idea if there is any other, workable alternative software, but maybe someone here will have ideas or suggestions?

Software that would allow the user to create parts lists or bills of material would be ideal -- with output to 2D dwg.dwf format --

but I'm not asking for the moon and stars, just an app that won't crash every time you load a larger file, and has better
graphic design functionality for export to Adobe world.

thanks for the help!
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