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Five Rules for Writing Software Requirements | TechWhirl

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imageFive Rules for Writing Software Requirements | TechWhirl

Writers tasked with writing software requirements can follow Dan Goldstein's five rules to get the job done and (possibly) satisfy all their customers.

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  • StuartBurnfieldStuartBurnfield Posts: 1 ✭✭✭
    Nice article, Dan.

    I like the focus on testability. I worked on a big project (too big, as it turned out) where there was a fairly detailed model of the system that was to be implemented, but no separate requirements. If a new feature or use case surfaced it was incorporated in the model, which became the new reality. Without capture of the underlying requirement there wasn't much for the testers to go on. They could say that, yes, the software appeared to do that thing that was in the model. But if something looked wrong, or missing, or redundant, or oddly roundabout, it wasn't easy to say whether it was that way for a good reason. You couldn't refer to the underlying requirements to see if they were satisfied. The model was the model.
  • GeorgeFlarianGeorgeFlarian United StatesPosts: 16
    Thanks for sharing such helpful resource, I have successfully implemented it on my SmartIO App project.  I really like the steps flow...
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