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Custom release notes?

We create custom software, so should we create custom release notes? We're currently just creating generic release notes and expecting customers to be able to find their bugs and see whether they've been fixed or are in progress. Does anyone create custom release notes?


  • Yes!  Release Notes are often overlooked or considered something that the software team or product management has to produce, so someone throws together a list of enhancements or bugs and calls it good.  Ugh.

    As always, the audience of the release notes is most important.  Is the audience every day end users? Technical teams? Engineers? Consumers? Release notes are another method of customer communication and should be treated as such and given attention as such. 

    A far better process is to have the technical writer(s) involved.  Why?  A couple of reasons.

    1) As trained writers, technical writers often produce better quality release notes because we know how to write about technical information.

    2) Chances are that the technical writer knows all of the changes, enhancements, and bugs in the release. Afterall, we did just write the documentation about it.

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