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Will Be Unable or Will Not Be Able?


Just a quick question for everyone: Which of the following sentences contains the BEST phrase to use?

A ) You will be unable to copy and paste the text.


B ) You will not be able to copy and paste the text.

I see the first one A LOT, but I feel like the second one, (B), is the best phrase to use, and I need input from you English and writing experts here in Techwhirl. :)

Thanks in advance for everyone's input!


  • AMosesAMoses United KingdomPosts: 4
    I'd definitely go for B!
  • JDSheltonJDShelton United StatesPosts: 0
    How about C: None of the above?
    My advice is to use present tense, not future, when writing. So, my option is "You cannot copy and paste the text."
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