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Book 2.0: some preliminary thoughts on integrating print, e-books, and the Web

Greetings from a long-departed techwhirler! Hope you've all been well since our last contact. I still miss you guys and miss participating in the discussions, but I'm still having issues finding enough time to have a life when the workday ends. It'll be a while before I have time to resubscribe and keep up with all the discussion.

Recently, I've been exploring the concept of how to integrate printed books with more modern technologies. Some of my preliminary thoughts are provided in two recent blog posts:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these ideas. However, as noted above, I don't have time to resubscribe to techwhirl. Thus, please comment directly in my blog, so that all of the conversation will be centered in one place. I'll reply as soon as I can via the blog, and dream of the day when I have enough time to return to techwhirl.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you can provide.

Geoff Hart ([email protected]f-hart.com/[email protected])
Web: www.geoff-hart.com
blog: http://blatherskite.dreamwidth.org/
Twitter: @diaskeuasis
Effective Onscreen Editing, 2nd edition:
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