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Natural Born Auditors | TechWhirl

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imageNatural Born Auditors | TechWhirl

Are technical writers born to be auditors? Dan Goldstein makes an interesting case on the instincts and skills both have.

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  • Excellent post, Dan. Well done. I knew technical writers were good question-askers, nitpickers, and beta-testers (because I am all those), but auditors never entered my mind. I'm saving your article in to my personal Evernote. Yes, it's that good.
  • I started my first technical writing job in the quality dept. of a manufacturer 5 months ago. My boss asked me to revise our ISO manual just recently. I had been thinking "Hey, auditing might be a pretty cool job some day." Thanks for the validation!
  • I've already stumbled onto this idea--that auditing might really be for me. How to get started? Any ideas?
  • dgoldsteindgoldstein United StatesPosts: 1
    Hi JPKWriter, and sorry for the delayed response. The best way to get into auditing, if you're already a tech writer, is to work in an industry where auditing is common. To use an example other than medical devices, I once worked for a company that created cost accounting software for defense contractors. My own company wasn't subject to auditing, but our customers were. If I had been hip to the prospects of auditing back then, I could have asked for the opportunity to work on the customer service end of our company, and I could have offered to provide onsite expertise at auditing time.
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