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The Content Creation Team's Place in the Organization (poll)

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imageThe Content Creation Team's Place in the Organization (poll)

TechWhirl's new poll question looks at where content creators' teams really sit, and where they might fit, in the overall organization.

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  • lisahlisah Posts: 1
    The team I work on recently moved into the user experience group. This is a good synergy for us. We create help content and traditional documentation, and now we have closer ties to the people we work with every day solving error message wording, helper prompts and the like. Working side-by-side with user experience improves our work and theirs, and makes both our lives easier. We also have better access to user research results and processes so that we can measure our own work and get closer to speaking directly to clients.
  • Karen LoweKaren Lowe CanadaPosts: 3
    Where I work most of the time, groups are spread across groups, divisions, locations, etc. In other words, there are many different silos. Often these silos have very solid walls. And the content developers are are more 'document' developers, ones who are tasked with delivering a document covering XYZ subject. A lot are not writers. But sadly, even writers aren't well organized. I'm working in my little area, trying to be as strategic as possible and trying to promote writing skills, content development best practices, content delivery approaches, etc. I'm making baby-steps along this long road while looking at all the shiny, sliver silos that line the road.

    I'm finding inroads with Engineering groups - mainly when they start to see how structured writing and awareness of other delivered content helps their creation process easier, and when they see the improvements a writer can deliver. Also, knowledge management, content delivery areas and development groups.

    Looking froward to the poll results - might help me choose a group to focus on!
  • carleecommcarleecomm AustraliaPosts: 4
    We have three content teams split into two departments. One team works out of marketing/product management, and the other two are part of our customer support team: the user guide writer (me) and our in-house training writer/developer.

    Some of us have been talking recently about the benefits that would come from us working side-by-side more often, or organising meet ups – because we’re not all in the same location.

    I’m really digging on what lisah wrote about moving the content team in with user experience crew. That makes a lot of sense.
  • RuthRuth Posts: 0
    My team sits with QA (aka QC, testing). Historically, Publications and QA were very close. QA had to approve all doc changes. In fact, the Pubs lead didn't take responsibility for the quality of the docs: QA did. Plus, QA were the major SMEs for new features. There generally were no tech reviews and writers rarely talked to developers or others. As you might imagine, the documentation was not very good.

    When I arrived at the company I changed all that, but we still sit with QA. It is very odd.
  • pjk333pjk333 AustraliaPosts: 1
    Our company manufactures heavy machinery for mines. The founder is an engineer, so we've had a strong engineering focus in the company for a long time.
    Our manuals dept is with engineering, but the training section is elsewhere. The walls are pretty strong, so we have a lot of similar content being produced in parallel, We tend to be so busy with our own stuff that we don't communicate very well. Fortunately, we do have some moves afoot to educate those in charge that it would be valuable to produce and share common content.
    Localisation is a big deal in our company, so it would save a lot of money to avoid multiple translation bills. We're slowly chipping away at this.
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