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Looking for Technical Writing/Communication experts for online interview

fcivish4fcivish4 Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Content Management
Greetings members of the TechWhirl world. As mentioned in the discussion title I am looking for tech comm and/or writing experts to participate in an online interview. First, a little bit about myself. My name is Fred, and I am a current university student in Utah. I am majoring in English with a focus in writing studies, and eventually I hope to pursue a career in technical writing.

I am currently taking a writing studies course and for one of my assignments I have been given the task to interview up to two different professionals in the working world. I have been given the freedom to interview experts in any field that I wish, however I've been encouraged to interview subjects pertaining to my interests and/or future. The topic of my interview is how writing is used and how it affects professionals in your specific field.

I unfortunately have a major stumbling block when it comes to looking for professionals in my prospective field, that being I don't personally know any technical writing/communication experts. Seeing as how I couldn't contact anyone personally, I figured the next best option would be to look in a location most likely where I could find the professionals I need for my interview. Please, I'm asking anyone and everyone in the tech comm world if they would be willing to help out a student in the field. If anyone is interested and willing to help, please respond in the thread and I will then setup the interviews to be conducted via E-mail. As an added bonus, if anyone happens to live in the Salt Lake valley and would be willing to participate in an interview in person that would be a help paramount to all else.

Thank you all for your time,
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