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Technical Skills and Workplace Tools, 7 Brief Questions

I am in the Technical Communication gradate program at The University of North Texas. The program has a unique focus on empirical research. For one of my classes, Digital Literacies, I would like to survey a few technical communicators/writers.

The class is working through understanding what it means to be digitally literate, and we have discussed how being digitally literate includes (1) understanding how information and technology work, (2) how the source of information and technology work, and (3) how to communicate clearly about technology.

Again, thank you for briefly responding to the following questions:

  1. Out of all the technical skills you possess, which one is the most valuable?

  1. How critical do you weigh the ability to teach yourself new technical skills?

  1. What workplace tools do you find most useful?

  1. How do you define digital literacy, and how does it relate to your job?

  1. Do you use GitHub? If so, how often?

  1. If any, what workplace skills equal or surpass the importance of your technical skills?

  1. What organizations, publications, or websites, if any, assist you in keeping current on the latest developments in the technical communication field?

Good luck to you

and thank you,

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